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Industrial design strategy for LED lamps

Published:2016-10-21 10:31  Views:

   In the new round of the wave of industrial revolution, LED lamps as solid-state lighting products to replace the existing gas lighting products is represent the general trend, and is like a raging fire substitution process, but in general, this alternative process is just beginning, with hundreds of years of incandescent lamps are widely used in the family, promote the use of LED lamps take some time, but now there are still many unfavorable factors, such as heat, light and other technical problems, the cost of the price, user habits, etc.. LED lamp manufacturing enterprise behoove must strive to solve the above problems, at the same time, but also on another important issue to pay attention, this is the LED lighting industry design factors, LED lamps to achieve the light source of innovation, but how to achieve with innovative materials, structure, appearance of the lamp, the lamp is best represented the effects of light source for the majority of users love, more easy to accept, it is very worthy of attention. In the core technology, because of the reason as everyone knows, the general lighting manufacturing enterprises play a limited space, it is difficult to achieve The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea in industrial design, however, due to the diversification of the market demand, the enterprise can make the lamp more Gexianshentong, saving materials, more environmentally friendly, more effective, thus speeding up the popularization and application of the LED lamp, let our life and work more and more low carbon and beautiful environment.

  The core of industrial design is the product design, which is widely used in light industry, textile, machinery, electronic information and other industries. Industrial design industry is an important part of producer service industry, and its development level is one of the important signs of industrial competitiveness. The development of industrial design, product variety, is an important means to enhance the added value of products; is the creation of independent brands, effective way to enhance industrial competitiveness; is the transformation of economic development, the objective requirement of expanding consumer demand. Beijing City, Beijing City, the industrial design will promote technological innovation and Productivity Promotion Center pointed out in a large number of case analysis: in the high-tech industry, science and technology is the first competition, and the products is second times of competition. When mastered the technology, followed by the fierce market with a strong color of the design and brand competition. In today's era of rapid development of science and technology, the competition for the two time interval is shorter, many large international companies in the market will be long-term strategic technology and industrial design of parallel development, launched the product in time, the market has become a mature product in the application form and appearance of the product, China's high-tech as soon as possible to learn and master the methods of this system, the real high-tech design facing international challenge.