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Lighting competition in the pattern of changes in the corporate brand gradually

Published:2016-10-21 10:33  Views:
  Lighting market in the present, although the number of enterprises increased year by year, but for consumers, the brand name for having heard it many times only then two or three, the situation in the industry is relatively low and the intensification of the market competition in the market environment, lighting enterprises want talent shows itself in the many brands, the need to strengthen its own brand building. Light competition pattern change, enterprise brand gradually concentrated in domestic lighting industry after nearly thirty years of history, today's lighting market compared with the lighting market twenty years ago, all happened to turn the world upside down changes. For a long time, the lamp market many brands in the market are rising, feudal lords vying for the throne, the occasion, regardless of the size of the enterprise, can slice, day also moist. But in the context of economic restructuring and the new normal, the integration of the industry is accelerating, the brand is to focus.
  The biggest advantage of Zhuji kernel LCD 10 is that it consumes less power, so it is used in most portable electronic products. But there is a drawback, that is, in the dark environment can not be significant. The light emitting diode is provided with a light emitting diode, which can send out a soft light to illuminate the display device at night.
  The shape and size of the back light board are different from the shape and size of the 100 board. 10 the backlight lamp panel is basically a rectangular or a strip shape. It has two kinds of basic structures, the side of the side and the bottom. The structure of the side light emitting is mainly used for the long and narrow strip back light board, and the bottom luminous structure is mainly used for the length and width of the backlight lamp panel.
  The shape of the side luminous structure side of the side part is 13, the transverse section 1 is 10, the 1 magic is the bottom of the printed board, and the two rows of 10 tubes are welded on the printed board. Light emitting diode light, transparent organic glass light 2, the luminous surface can see light, this is called the edge of the milky white translucent film transparent organic glass with alcohol particulate silver with 0 shading the tube core printed board luminous surface of two rows of 1 tube core PCB optical effect. The top of the organic glass is made of micro beads, which can make the light of the whole luminous surface more uniform. Organic glass on the top of a layer of milky white transparent plastic film can make the light emitted more soft. The backlight plate on both sides with a silver shading tape sealed 3.
  Be the first to have its own brand products, nowadays many lighting business operators think that brand is good quality and service, as long as the two can do well in the. In fact, the quality and service is only part of the brand building, the two are included in the brand. Enterprise's core technology, research and development innovation ability, clear product positioning, enterprise, product cultural connotation and distinctive features of the logo, are indispensable to the brand. And they do not have a substitute for each other, are elements of the formation of the brand. Under the condition of market economy, competition is inevitable. Appropriate competition, to promote the healthy development of the industry, product replacement, etc. can play a certain role in promoting. Competition in the lighting industry, changing the pattern of the situation, lamps and lanterns enterprises in order to not be eliminated, but also need to work hard in the brand building.