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What do you need to know about outdoor lighting? (Part B)


6、Tunnel light

Tunnel lights are special lamps and lanterns used for tunnel lighting, with strong resistance to collision and impact, and can work stably for a long time in high-frequency vibration and humid and high-temperature environments such as workshops, roadbeds and tracks, and will not interfere with the power transmission network.



7、Landscape Lights

Landscape Lighting is also called decorative lighting, which itself has a high ornamental value, but also through the diversified shape of the lamps, rich light color and brightness to create a scene and atmosphere. Commonly used in squares, residential areas, public green space and other landscape places.



8、Lawn Light

Lawn Lights soft lighting, and easy to install, decorative, in the park, garden villas, square greening and other places used for decorative lighting of the green belt, can add security and beauty to the urban green landscape.




9、Underwater Lights

Underwater Lights installed in the water, generally for the LED light source. Underwater Lights are small and delicate in appearance, beautiful and generous, luminous colors, colorful, with strong ornamental, commonly used in parks or fountain pools.



10、Fountain Light

Fountain Lights are installed according to the form of fountain, usually wiring pipe under the waterproof, use senior rubber cable wiring, need to do a good job of repeated grounding, remember to use the leakage short-circuit type protector.


11、Light Strip

Strip material is soft, waterproof, luminous color changeable, can be used to create a visual sense of light and dark levels and virtual contrast, mostly used in the field of decorative lighting, such as in the eaves of the villa can create the atmosphere, and enrich the outline of the building; pool or poolside, through the light and the water surface echo, a variety of colors constantly changing, creating a dynamic sense of haze, etc..


     These are common outdoor lighting fixtures, Eurborn focus on outdoor lighting fixtures for 16 years, including the development of a variety of outdoor lamps and lanterns and achieve IP68 waterproof rating and Marine Grade corrosion, can be widely used in villa courtyards, landscape gardens, seaside parks and other areas, with intelligent lighting to create digital garden light and shadow. 

Post time: Mar-10-2023