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In-Ground GL120

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Marine grade 316 stainless steel bezel panel with aluminum lamp Body.Tempered glass,this fixture complete with integral CREE LED package.Fixture rated to IP67 with no mechanical joints to light source ensures robust protection against Water ingress. 10/20/40/60 degree beam options.product runs cool meeting all touch temperature requirements.Suitable for the illumination of small/medium trees. This in-ground luminaires is made of sturdy and durable material with excellent heat dissipation performance. Anti-corrosion and anti-aging. Excellent sealing performance. The maximum power of this recessed in ground luminaires can reach 13W. This product has rich RGB colors and can flexibly control the color temperature. The product is an aluminum lamp body with good heat dissipation so that the product can run at low temperatures, meeting all touch temperature requirements and environmental requirements. Because this lamp is built-in installation, in order to facilitate the installation and maintenance of the lamp, we have also equipped with high-quality embedded parts for this landscape recessed LED lighting.

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LED Light source High Power LED
Light Color RGB,CW,WW,NW,Red,Green,Blue,Amber
Material SUS316(Lamp cap)+Aluminium(Lamp cup)
Optics 10° / S2O° / 40° / F6O°
Power 12W
Power supply N/A
Dimention D175X51
Weight 1.7KG
IP Rating IP67
Approvals CE,RoHS,IP
Ambient temperature -20°C 2 +45°C
Average life 5O,OOOHrs
Accessories(Optional) Yes
Applications Indoor/Outdoor/Landscape


Model No. LED Brand Color Beam PowerMode Input Wiring Cable Power Luminous Flux Dimention DrillSize
GL120 CREE CW,WW, NW,Red Green,Blue,Amber 10/S20/40/F60 Constant current 350mA Series 3M 2X0.75mm² Cable 12W 1300LM D175X51 D155
GL120D CREE CW,WW, NW,Red Green,Blue,Amber 10/S20/40/F60 Constant voltage 24VDC Parallel 3M 2X0.75mm² Cable 13W 1300LM D175X51 D155
GL120DM OSRAM CW,WW, NW.Red Green,Blue,Amber 120 Constant voltage 24VDC Parallel 3M 2X0.75mm² Cable 12W 650LM D175X51 D155
GL120RGB CREE 4R+4G+4B 10/S20/40/F60 Constant current 350mA Series 2x3M 4X0.5mm² Cable 12W N/A D175X51 D155
GL120DMX-RGB CREE 4R+4G+4B 10/S20/40/F60 Constant voltage 4VDCDMX Controller Parallel 1.1M 4X0.5mm² Cable 13W N/A D175X51 D155
GL120DMX-RGB Edison RGB(Fullcolor) 10/S20/40/F60 Constant voltage 24VDC DMX  Controller Parallel 1.1M 4X0.5mm² Cable 13W N/A D175X51 D155
GL120DMX-RGBW Edison RGBW(Fullcolor) 10/S20/40/F60 Constant voltage 24VDCDMX Controller Parallel 1.1M 4X0.5mm²Cable 13W N/A D175X51 D155
DMX decoder in built *IES Data support.

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  • All products will be packaged and shipped only after all products have passed various index tests, and the packaging is also the most important piece that cannot be ignored. As stainless steel lamps are relatively heavy, we chose the best and hardest corrugated carton for the details of the packaging to ensure that the product can be well protected from impact or bumps during transportation. Each product of Oubo corresponds to a unique inner box and will select the corresponding packaging type according to the nature, state and weight of the transported goods to ensure that each product is packed without leaving a gap between the box and the product is fixed In the box. Our regular packaging is brown corrugated inner box and brown corrugated outer box. If the customer needs to make a specific color box for the product, we can also achieve it, as long as you inform our sales in advance, we will make corresponding adjustments in the early stage.


    As a professional manufacturer of outdoor stainless steel lamps, Eurborn has its own complete set of testing laboratories. We hardly rely on outsourced third parties because we already have a series of the most advanced and complete professional equipment, and all equipment is regularly inspected and maintained. Ensure that all equipment can work normally and make timely adjustment and control of product-related tests in the very first time.

    Eurborn workshop has many professional machines and experimental devices such as air-heated ovens, vacuum deaeration machines, UV ultraviolet test chambers, laser marking machines, constant temperature and humidity test chambers, salt spray test machines, fast LED spectrum analysis systems, Luminous intensity distribution test system (IES test), UV curing oven and electronic constant temperature drying oven, etc. We can achieve a comprehensive quality control system for every product we produce.

    Each product will undergo 100% electronic parameter test, 100% aging test and 100% waterproof test. According to many years of product experience, the environment faced by the product is hundreds of times harsher than indoor lights for outdoor in-ground and underwater stainless steel lamps. We are well aware that a lamp may not see any problems in a short period of time in ordinary environments. For Eurborn’s products, we are more particular about ensuring that the lamp can achieve long-term stable working performance in various harsh environments. In a normal environment, our simulated environment test is several times harsher. This harsh environment can show the quality of LED lights to ensure that there are no defective products. Only after screening through layers will Ober deliver the best products to us The customer’s hand.



    Eurborn has qualified certificates such as IP, CE, ROHS, appearance patent and ISO, etc.
    IP certificate: The International Lamp Protection Organization (IP) classifies lamps according to their IP coding system for dustproof, solid foreign matter and waterproof intrusion. For example, Eurborn mainly manufactures outdoor products such as buried&in-ground lights, underwater lights. All outdoor stainless steel lights meet IP68, and they can be used in inground use or underwater use. EU CE certificate: Products will not threaten the basic safety requirements of human, animal and product safety. Each of our products has CE certification. ROHS certificate: It is a mandatory standard established by EU legislation. Its full name is the “Directive on Restricting the Use of Certain Hazardous Ingredients in Electrical and Electronic Equipment”. It is mainly used to standardize the material and process standards of electrical and electronic products. It is more conducive to human health and environmental protection. The purpose of this standard is to eliminate lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls and polybrominated diphenyl ethers in electrical and electronic products. In order to better protect the rights and interests of our products, we have our own appearance patent certification for most conventional products. ISO certificate: ISO 9000 series is the most famous standard among many international standards established by ISO (International Organization for Standardization). This standard is not to evaluate the quality of the product, but to evaluate the quality control of the product in the production process. It is an organizational management standard.



    1.The lamp body of the product is made of SNS316L stainless steel. 316 stainless steel contains Mo, which is better in corrosion resistance than 304 stainless steel in high temperature environments. 316 mainly reduces the content of Cr and increases the content of Ni and increases Mo2%~3%. Therefore, its anti-corrosion ability is stronger than 304, suitable for use in chemical, seawater and other environments.

    2.The LED light source adopts the CREE brand. CREE is a leading lighting innovator and semiconductor manufacturer on the market. The advantage of the chip comes from the silicon carbide (SiC) material, which can use more power in a small space, while comparing Other existing technologies, materials and products generate less heat. CREE LED combines the extremely energy-efficient flip-chip InGaN material and the company’s proprietary G·SIC® substrate into one, so that high-intensity and high-efficiency LEDs achieve the best cost performance.

    3.The glass adopts tempered glass + part of silk screen, and the glass thickness is 3-12mm.

    4.The company has always selected high-conductivity aluminum substrates with a thermal conductivity above 2.0W.M/K. Aluminum substrates are used as direct heat dissipation materials for LEDs, which are closely related to the working life of LEDs. The high thermal conductivity aluminum substrate has good conduction and heat dissipation ability, and is more suitable for products that require high heat dissipation capabilities, especially high-power LEDs.

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