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Waterproof wiring

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Waterproof wiring instructions

How to dispose the outdoor light connector correctly

Precaution of water prevention and moisture to enter the lamp through power cableIP65/IP66/IP67/IP68,According  to the research and test ,the water infiltration is one of the biggest damage to the outdoor fixtures.The following pictures  are those typical circumastances will take place:

Why use the water-proof connector?

When the fixture is turned on,the inside temperature will increase as the operating time goes.Conversely when the lamp  stops working ,the temperature will drop slowly ,This phenomenon will cause "siphonic effect".Thermal expansion and  contraction makes the inside and outside air pressure differences .The vapor will infiltrate to the housing through the wire  entry as soon as the internal air pressure is smaller than external.The infiltration is caused by several incorrect connections  like the pictures below:

The best and easiest ways to prevent the water filtration are by isolating directly

We recommend using the water-proof connector like the following pictures.The connector was developed especially for  outdoor lightings to make sure the fixture is protected.