• Known as the largest building facade lighting in the southern hemisphere

    Known as the largest building facade lighting in the southern hemisphere

    Abstract: 888 Collins Street, Melbourne, installed a real-time weather display device on the facade of the building, and LED linear lights covered the entire 35m high building. And this weather display device is not the kind of electronic big screen we usually see, it is a public art of lighting ...
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  • 4 Kinds of Stair Lights

    4 Kinds of Stair Lights

    1. If it is not for the fun, the light pole is really tasteless     To be honest, the staircase lamp is probably the same as the pathway lighting. It is the first lamp in the history to be used as a scene thinking design, because the stairs at night must have a lights, o...
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  • Environmental Ryokai LED Underwater Light Function and Control

    Product Type: Introduction to the function and manufacturing process of the environmental lighting Led underwater light Technical field: A kind of LED underwater light, supports standard USITT DMX512/1990, 16-bit gray scale, gray level up to 65536, making the light color more delicate and soft. B...
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  • LED ground lamp Applicable product selection for lamps

    LED in ground / recessed lights are now widely used in the decoration of parks, lawns, squares, courtyards, flower beds, and pedestrian streets. However, in the early practical applications, various problems occurred in LED buried lights. The biggest problem is the waterproof problem. LED in grou...
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  • How to choose the right LED light source

    How to choose the right LED light source for in ground light? With the growing demand for energy saving and environmental protection, we are increasingly using LED lights for in ground light design. The LED market is currently is a mixture of fish and dragon, good and ba...
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  • As an important part of the landscape

    As an important part of the landscape, outdoor landscape lighting not only shows the concept of landscape The method is also the main part of the space structure of people's outdoor activities at night. Scientific, standardized, and user-friendly outdoor landscape lighti...
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