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About Us

Who Are We:

Eurborn is the only Chinese manufacturer dedicated to research, development and production of stainless steel outdoor underground and underwater lighting. Unlike other suppliers who do many types of lamps, we must stay focused due to the harsh environment that challenges our product.  Our product must be able to take these conditions and perform perfectly regardless of the challenge.  So we must make every effort at each and every step to insure our product will perform to your satisfaction.  

We must be stringent in the details.  Our competitors are the internationally renowned brands.  So we must match the highest quality in our products to their standards.  However, we do not match their prices.  This is our commitment to our customers, high value product.


Why Choose Us:

1: Our R&D team has more than 20 years of outdoor architectural lighting experience. Responding to our customer’s requirements, we quickly and effectively complete ODM, OEM design, and provide professional technical support to match expectations.

2: We have our own in-house mold making. Not like other suppliers which is outsourcing or third parties.

3: No MOQ for most of all stainless steel products.

4: We offer direct ex-factory prices.

5: We fully comply with international quality inspection standards and social responsibility inspections.

6: We do 100% testing and inspections for aging, IP (waterproof, dustproof) and materials.

7: We have product patent certificates.

8. We are CE, ROHS, ISO9001 certificated.

2020 is the most difficult year. In order to give back to the society and our customers, Eurborn tries its best to help everyone. We donated a large amount of medical alcohol and masks. No matter what kind of predicament, we will choose to fight with YOU together.

Eurborn Co., Ltd was officially registered in 2006 (44)