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(Ⅰ) Outdoor Lighting Manufacturer Develop Mould

The mould department of Eurborn has advanced and innovative technical machines.Relying on high-quality, high-skilled staff teams, we ensure the effective, efficient and high-quality production activities in the process of metal processing, assembly and production, and more. The strict quality inspection work covers all aspects of production activities in an all-round way.

1. Flexibly match the requirements of the project to meet the lighting needs of the project contractor.  

2. Help customers effectively control the cost of purchasing lights.

3. If the customer wants to assemble the lights themselves, we can also help the customer to make the required semi-finished products.

4. Not only the lights model can be customized, but also other supplies.

(Ⅱ) Exterior Lights Driver Customization Service

Eurborn is not only a outdoor lighting manufacturer, but also a lighting components supplier. Do we only provide custom lighting service? Of course not. We also provide lights driver customization services. The lights driver on the market are usually standardized and often cannot match the lights required by customers. However, we offer lights drive customization service, which can help customers to design the drive according to the lights, so as to better complete the project lighting required. 

(Ⅲ) Outdoor Lights’ Color Finishing Customization

Can the color finishing of outdoor light only be its natural color? The answer is no. Of course, we provide color finishing customization service for outdoor lights. Customers do not want ordinary color of lights. No matter it is inground light, landscape light, or other lights, Eurborn can help customers achieve the desired effect through precise processes such as oxidation and electroplating.  It can not only make the lights beautiful, but also protect the raw materials,etc.

(Ⅳ) 3D-Print For Architectural Lights Model


3D modeling is a critical step in developing successful products and our team has extensive experience in designing new 3D modeling models. We have 3D printing machines that allow us to produce complex exterior lights shapes as well as modify and improve the models before final modeling. Therefore, we can design lights models according to customers' requirements, and help customers make products or samples they need.  

(Ⅴ) Research Team Of Exterior Lights Supplier


The lighting design department and mould department of Eurborn Co., Ltd. are full of engineers, all of whom are professional in lighting. The R&D and design team is based on professional academic research and is led by senior professors. The core backbone engineers have more than over 10 years of work experience in the design institute, and have rich exterior lighting design experience. Design projects are distributed across the country within the scope, the R&D team enjoys a good reputation in the industry.

(Ⅵ) Reliable China Outdoor Lighting Manufacturing Process


Eurborn’s factory covers an area of more than 7,000 square meters.Located at Humen Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. It has imported Sodick.+GF+Hartford, CNC, Sodick and precision spark machines, and imported Sodick slow wire walking machines. There are 15 imported injection molding machines of 80-250 tons, which can produce various products with precise size requirements and appearance requirements. Dust-free electronic material line, dust-free assembly workshop, and 3 assembly production lines supporting production. Can actively cooperate with the customer's production process and quality inspection process, and can meet the customer's production needs and quality requirements. To see how we produce china outdoor lights with advanced equipment and professional staffs.

(Ⅶ) OEM cooperation case

There are some photos about one of our project--Beijing Shoubei Zhaolong Hotel,China. The project used hundreds of inground lights and line lights, which are produced by a China Outdoor Factory of Eurborn Lighting Company.

In the fourth quarter of 2019, Zhaolong Hotel returned as The First Joie de Vivre brand hotel in Asia. The refreshed Zhaolong Hotel has open land and distinctive features, with good display surfaces in all directions. The architectural lighting design after the upgrade fully expresses the trend, modern, fashionable demand, with intelligent management system, formed a rich and interesting lighting scene.

As a landmark building, the main body of the building cannot be changed in shape, but the height, cool and light of the similar buildings nearby will create a visual cover for the project. Therefore, outdoor lights supplier-Eurborn has reflected the top mesh structure in the way of dense pixels, so that the landmark can still be a landmark. Due to budget problems, the facade of the building did not do any decorative lighting, adhering to the principle of good steel on the edge, more limited budget for the facade and square floor lighting expression.

The small square is a white overlooking area surrounded by buildings, so Eurborn Lighting Company, which owns the underground light factory, uses 1001 low-power miniature in-ground light GL112 to present the romantic atmosphere of starlight, combining the material of the road floor of the small square in the future, outdoor theme activities and the need of eye-catching atmosphere in daily life.

Combined with the decorative structure and materials of the building, relatively economical line lamps and lanterns are used to show the material transparency and decorative taste, softening the stiff structure of the facade and shortening the sense of near-scale communication with people. The large vertical steel columns on the main facade use linear in-ground lights to render grooves of H steel, connecting the ground to the facade.

Eurborn Lighting Company insight into the operation of the project, the characteristics of the project itself, understand the scope of investment budget, analysis of primary and secondary relations and visual order, orderly formulation of the concept of expression and expression. Careful use of light, restraint of lamp precise selection, rational planning of the use of the way, can well meet and far below the energy-saving standard.

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