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How recessed landscape lighting work?

As a china led manufacturer, Eurborn not only has its own factory and mold department, but also has a professional lighting research and development team, which is committed to providing customers with the best outdoor lighting products.

(Ⅰ) recessed landscape lighting illuminates the garden

Buried landscape lights can be installed not only in parks, but also in the gardens of private villas and other places, with high availability. It can be installed around garden plants without taking up extra space, and it can also act as lighting at night. In addition, the decorative effect of buried landscape lights makes the whole garden more beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

(Ⅱ) Outdoor underground light-GL130

GL130 has tempered glass and integral CREE LED package, fixture rated to IP67. Marine grade 316 stainless steel bezel panel with Hidden&embedded design installation. In the environment of outdoor inground use, the heat dissipation requirements of the product are extremely high. Therefore, this model uses an aluminum alloy lamp body, and we have extra protection for the internal electronic parts of the product, including the space setting, and even the embedded parts used with our products are basically aluminum materials, so as to ensure the greatest extent The heat dissipation of the product. Extend the service life of the light.

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Post time: Sep-15-2022