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China LED Wall Light – EU1820

EU1820, mini recessed luminaire with integrated OSRAM LED package and 70 degree beam option. The IP65 wall lamp is made of aluminum. It is suitable for multiple lamps installed on the ceiling, giving a sense of starry sky. This product was installed on the ceiling of a large conference hall by one of our customers, and nearly 7,000 were used in total. Gives a sense of the sky of the universe. The whole lamp bead adopts a protruding installation design, which makes the product look more agile just like morning dew.

This lamp is exquisite and compact, with two power options of 1W and 0.3W. The aluminum material ensures the heat dissipation capacity. Can minimize glare. The product occupies a small area and can ensure a variety of applications. Easy to install into the panel.


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Post time: Oct-29-2021