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Goniophotometer (Light Distribution Curve) Test system (IES test)

It adopts the measuring principle of static detector and rotating light to realize the measurement of light intensity distribution in all directions of the light source or light, which meets the requirements of CIE, IESNA and other international and domestic standards. It is equipped with different software to realize C-γ, A-α and B-β Various measurement methods such as.

It is used to accurately test the light distribution performance of various LED (Semiconductor Lighting), Road light, Flood light, Indoor light, Outdoor light and various photometric parameters of lights. Measurement parameters include: spatial light intensity distribution, spatial light intensity curve, light intensity distribution curve on any cross-sectional area (respectively displayed in rectangular coordinates or polar coordinate system), plane and other illuminance distribution curve, brightness limit curve, light efficiency, glare Grade, upward beam luminous flux ratio, downward beam luminous flux ratio, total luminous flux, effective luminous flux, utilization factor, and electrical parameters (power, power parameters, voltage, current), etc.

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It adopts the measuring principle of fixed detector and rotating light method. The measuring light is installed on a two-dimensional rotating worktable, and the luminous center of the light coincides with the rotating center of the rotating worktable through the laser beam of the laser sight. When the light rotates around the vertical axis, the detector at the same level as the center of the rotating worktable measures the light intensity values in all directions on the horizontal plane. When the light rotates around the horizontal axis, the detector measures the light intensity in all directions on the vertical plane. Both the vertical axis and the horizontal axis can be continuously rotated within the range of ±180° or 0°-360°. After obtaining the light intensity distribution data of the lights in all directions according to the measuring lights, the computer can calculate other luminosity parameters and light distribution curves.

Post time: Aug-12-2021