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How can the flexible nature of LED lamps be applied to modern lighting design?

First of all, in terms of dimming, LED lamps use integrated technology, which is more advanced, more convenient and flexible than traditional dimming means. In addition to being equipped with dimming devices and switching devices, an integrated infrared receiver or a remote dimming device is used to dimmer the cast light source, or a computer is used to program dimming. This dimming system can simultaneously implement stepless dimming and time-delay lighting for up to ten different places.

Secondly, in terms of remote control, LED lamps can use the usual connection to combine flexible lighting design and multi-point control. Through the multi-channel installation of the scene dimmer and the remote scene controller, it can be combined at will, and the control is convenient and flexible, and the effect is obvious.

Third, in the control of light color, the use of computer remote console and computer lighting control system, the entire lighting system parameters set, change and monitoring through the screen, the system can be different with the degree of natural lighting, day and night time differences and different requirements of the user, automatically change the state of the interior decoration lighting light source.

In addition, LED lamps have a fluid and changing lighting effect with their good weather resistance, very low light decay during the life cycle, and changeable colors. In the outline lighting of urban buildings and the railing lighting of Bridges, LED linear luminaires are also widely used. For example, the use of LED light source red, green, blue three basic color combination principle, can be changed according to different modes, such as water wavy continuous discoloration, timing discoloration, gradual change, transient, etc., to form the night of high-rise buildings in a variety of effects.

Finally, the various application scenarios of LED lamps are also worthy of attention. Whether indoors or outdoors, LED lamps can create stunning lighting effects. In interior decoration, LED lamps can be used to illuminate walls, ceilings or floors to create a different atmosphere; In the exhibition display, LED lighting can highlight the characteristics of the display; In office lighting, LED lamps can provide comfortable light.


Post time: Sep-19-2023