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How to install underwater lighting?

The installation of underwater lighting needs to pay attention to the following points:

A. Installation location: Select the location that needs to be illuminated to ensure that the underwater lamp can effectively illuminate the area.

B. Power supply selection: Select the appropriate power supply and wires to ensure that the power supply of underwater lighting is stable and complies with local voltage standards.

C. Function selection: According to the needs, choose the color, brightness, range and control mode of the appropriate underwater lighting.

D. Installation environment: The location for installing underwater lighting must be stable and safe, and avoid excessive water flow or other conditions affecting the installation location.

E. Operation method: When installing underwater lamps, it is necessary to test whether the wire connection is firm to ensure that the connection is normal; at the same time, care should be taken to avoid damage to the lamp during use to ensure its normal operation.

F. Waterproof sealing: When installing underwater lighting, it must be sealed to ensure its waterproof ability. Lamps must be sealed with waterproof glue or proper sealing materials.

G. Safety guarantee: When installing underwater lamps, necessary safety measures must be taken to ensure that no accidents will occur during the installation process, such as wearing safety helmets, gloves and other protective equipment to ensure the health of the installers.

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Post time: May-17-2023