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LED ground lamp Applicable product selection for lamps

LED in ground / recessed lights are now widely used in the decoration of parks, lawns, squares, courtyards, flower beds, and pedestrian streets. However, in the early practical applications, various problems occurred in LED buried lights. The biggest problem is the waterproof problem.

LED in ground/recessed lights are installed in the ground; There will be many uncontrollable external factors, which will have a certain impact on the waterproofness. It is not like LED underwater lights for a long time in the underwater environment and under water pressure. But in fact, LED buried lights need to solve the waterproof problem. Our in ground/recessed lights are whole marine grade stainless steel series, IP protection level is IP68, and the waterproof level of aluminum die-casting products is IP67. Aluminum die-casting products are in production, and the test conditions are completely tested in accordance with the IP68 standard. In practical applications, LED buried lights are now in the ground or in the soil, in addition to dealing with rain or flooding, but also dealing with thermal expansion and contraction.

Several aspects to solve the waterproof problem of in ground/recessed lights:

1. Housing: Die-cast aluminum housing is a common choice, and there is nothing wrong with die-cast aluminum housing being waterproof. However, because of the different casting methods, the shell texture (molecular density) is different. When the shell is sparse to a certain extent, a short period of flushing or soaking in water will not cause water molecules to penetrate. However, when the lamp housing is buried in the soil for a long time under the action of suction and cold, water will slowly penetrate into the lamp housing. Therefore, we recommend that the thickness of the shell exceeds 2.5mm, and die-casting with a die-casting machine with sufficient space. The second is our flagship marine grade 316 stainless steel series underground lamp. The lamp body is made of all marine grade 316 stainless steel, which can calmly deal with the harsh environment and the high salt fog environment at the seaside.
2. Glass surface: Tempered glass is the best choice, and the thickness cannot be too thin. Avoid breaking and entering water due to the stress of thermal expansion and contraction and the impact of foreign objects. Our glass adopts tempered glass ranging from 6-12MM, which improves the strength of anti-knocking, anti-collision and weather resistance.

3. The lamp wire adopts anti-aging and anti-UV rubber cable, and the back cover adopts nylon material to prevent damage due to the use environment. The inside of the wire has been treated with a waterproof structure to improve the ability of the wire to block water. In order to make the lamp longer to use, it is necessary to add a waterproof connector and a waterproof box at the end of the wire to achieve better waterproofness.

Post time: Jan-27-2021