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Project From Underground Lights Manufacturer: Beijing Shoubei Zhaolong Hotel,China

(Ⅰ)The outdoor lights supplier is responsible for the underground lights of the project

As a landmark building, the main body of the building cannot be changed in shape, but the height, cool and light of the similar buildings nearby will create a visual cover for the project. Therefore, outdoor lights supplier-Eurborn has reflected the top mesh structure in the way of dense pixels, so that the landmark can still be a landmark. Due to budget problems, the facade of the building did not do any decorative lighting, adhering to the principle of good steel on the edge, more limited budget for the facade and square floor lighting expression.

The small square is a white overlooking area surrounded by buildings, so Eurborn Lighting Company, which owns the underground light factory, uses 1001 low-power miniature in-ground light GL112 to present the romantic atmosphere of starlight, combining the material of the road floor of the small square in the future, outdoor theme activities and the need of eye-catching atmosphere in daily life.

Combined with the decorative structure and materials of the building, relatively economical line lamps and lanterns are used to show the material transparency and decorative taste, softening the stiff structure of the facade and shortening the sense of near-scale communication with people. The large vertical steel columns on the main facade use linear in-ground lights to render grooves of H steel, connecting the ground to the facade.


(Ⅱ)Project Introduction Of The Application Of Exterior Inground Lights

The first JDV brand hotel in Asia Pacific, Shoubei Zhaolong Hotel is located in Sanlitun, a fashionable district of Beijing.

In 1985, Deng Xiaoping personally attended the opening ceremony of the hotel, and inscribed for the "Zhaolong Hotel", which started the hotel's glory and became an important part of the hotel's development process. Since its opening, Zhaolong Hotel has undergone decades of inheritance, transformation and renewal, and is one of the landmark buildings in the capital.

In the fourth quarter of 2019, Zhaolong Hotel returned as The First Joie de Vivre brand hotel in Asia. The refreshed Zhaolong Hotel has open land and distinctive features, with good display surfaces in all directions. The architectural lighting design after the upgrade fully expresses the trend, modern, fashionable demand, with intelligent management system, formed a rich and interesting lighting scene.

This is a project in the direction of urban renewal. The lights are provided by the Chinese inground lighting supplier. The supporting functions of the main body of the hotel and the ancillary buildings are transformed into commercial uses, forming a small commercial complex with complementary functions. The design concept of the project is inheritance, innovation and catering to the new consumption era.

The project design combined with the cultural bearing of the landmark building of the main body of the building, combined with the functional orientation, for the main body of the building, podium building, auxiliary buildings, respectively, to give different design performance, to express the different functions, and the characteristics of the language of the architectural design itself. At the same time the recessed lights also played a huge role.

Exterior inground lights with IP 68 is selected for ground installation lamps, embedded with embedded structure and surrounded by stone, which is conducive to cooling and reducing failure rate. Due to the precise cost allocation, the equipment used are conventional products, with low maintenance costs and transparent prices. The proper use of brand standard products can effectively control the purchase cost and maintenance cost, and guarantee the quality.


(Ⅲ)The Concept of Eurborn, a Chinese exterior lights manufacturer

Energy conservation and environmental protection is the eternal theme of lighting projects. So  Eurborn, which has a Chinese outdoor lights factory, has always attached great importance to the economical and energy saving effect in all projects. Eurborn Lighting Company insight into the operation of the project, the characteristics of the project itself, understand the scope of investment budget, analysis of primary and secondary relations and visual order, orderly formulation of the concept of expression and expression. Careful use of light, restraint of lamp precise selection, rational planning of the use of the way, can well meet and far below the energy-saving standard.


As a exterior lights manufacturer, Eurborn Lighting Company has been committed to meet the needs of customers, for the sake of customer research and development of high quality lighting products, at the same time to provide customized services, we welcome your inquiry at any time.

Post time: May-22-2022