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Stair light with only 12mm thickness -GL108


      With complete and scientific high-quality management procedures, excellent quality and excellent beliefs, we have won a good reputation. At the same time, Eurborn insists on continuous innovation, and introduces this light from Eurborn's current thinnest lamp - GL108, tempered glass, 120 degree beam option. It aims to add style to floors, bars, walls and ceilings. The clever and stylish light output design means that even when viewing, there will be no glare directly on it. This makes the product very suitable for staircase finishes. Installation will be quick and easy. This waterproof exterior light can also be installed on the ceiling. The 120-degree beam is the softest, and there is no obvious spot. Full anti-glare treatment, no problem in direct viewing.

       We have now obtained a lot of recognition from customers all over the world. Through the integration of manufacturing and foreign trade departments, we can provide customers with complete solutions to ensure that the right products and solutions are delivered to the right place at the right time. This is our rich experience, strong production capacity, consistent quality, diversified product portfolio, control of industry trends, and mature Pre-sales and After-sales services. We are willing to share our thoughts with you, and welcome your comments and questions.

Post time: Jul-16-2021