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Technical Methods for Improving the Quality of Landscape Lighting Projects

    As an important part of the landscape, outdoor landscape lighting not only shows the means of the landscape concept, but also the main part of the space structure of people's outdoor activities at night. Scientific, standardized, and humanized outdoor landscape lighting has very important practical significance for enhancing the taste and external image of the landscape, and improving the quality of life of the owners. Let Eurborn introduce you to the underground lights, it can be used as garden light, pathway light, landscape light, step light, deck light and so on.


Underground Lighting


1. Scope of application

    Landscape structures, sketches, plants, hard pavement lighting. Mainly arranged in hard pavement lighting facades, lawn area lighting arbor, etc.; it is not suitable to arrange in shrub area lighting arbor and facade, so that the light will form too much shadow and dark area; when arranged in lawn area, the glass surface is better than lawn The height of the surface is 2-3 cm, so that the glass lamp surface will not be submerged by the accumulated water after the rain.

2. Selection requirements

    For a livable lighting environment, the natural color temperature range should be 2000-6500K, and the light color temperature should be adjusted according to the color of the plant. For example, the color temperature of evergreen plants should be 4200K, and the color temperature of red-leaf plants should be 3000K.