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Wanrranty of Eurborn

Eurborn Co., Ltd’S WARRANTY Conditions and limitations 


Eurborn Co. Ltd guarantees its products against manufacturing and/or design defects for the length of time established under applicable laws. The warranty period shall run from the invoice date. The warranty on products parts lasts for a period of 2 years and is limited to the pitting corrosion of the body. The end user or the purchaser may submit a claim to their supplier by presenting their purchase invoice or sales receipt with the documentation listed in item 6 and picture(s)showing defect, picture(s) showing operating environment of product, picture(s)showing electrical connection of product, picture(s) showing the driver details. Eurborn Co., Ltd must be informed of the defect in writing no later than two months from the date it was ascertained. Claim and related documents can be sent via e-mail to info@eurborn.com or by ordinary mail to Eurborn Co., Ltd, via No. 6,Hongshi Road, Ludong District, Humen Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. The warranty is granted on the following conditions:

 1.Warranty only applies to products, either purchased from an authorized Eurborn Co. Ltd Dealer or from Eurborn Co. Ltd, which have been fully paid for;


 2.Products must be used within the scope of use permitted by their technical speciation;


3.Products must be installed by qualified technicians in accordance with the installation instructions, available upon request;


4.Product installation must be certified by the installation technician in accordance with applicable laws. In case of claim this certification must be provided along with the product purchase invoice and the RMA form (Please get the RMA form from Eurborn sales) duly filled;


 5.Warranty is not applicable if: the products have been modified, tampered with or repaired by third parties who have not received prior authorization from Eurborn Co. Ltd; the electrical and/or mechanical installation of the products is incorrect; the products are operated in an environment whose characteristics do not comply with those necessary for correct operation, including line disturbances and faults exceeding the limits set by the IEC 61000-4-5 (2005-11) standard; the products have been damaged in any way after they were received from Eurborn Co. Ltd; Warranty is also not applicable for product defects due to unforeseen and unforeseeable events, i.e. accidental circumstances and/ or force majeure (including electric shocks, lightning) that cannot be ascribed to a defective manufacturing process of the product;


 6.The LEDs Eurborn Co. Ltd uses in its products are carefully selected in accordance with ANSI (American National Standards Institute) C 78.377A. However, variations in the color temperature may occur from batch to batch. These variations will not be considered defects if they fall within the tolerance limits set by the LED manufacturer;


 7.If Eurborn Co. Ltd recognizes the defect, it may choose either to replace or repair the defective products. Eurborn Co. Ltd may replace the defective products with alternative products (which may differ in terms of size, light emission, color temperature, color rendering index, finish and configuration) which are nonetheless essentially equivalent to the defective ones;


 8.Should repairs or replacement prove impossible or cost more than the invoiced value of the defective products, Eurborn Co. Ltd may terminate the sales contract and refund the purchase price to the purchaser (transport and installation costs excluded);


9.Should it be necessary for Eurborn Co. Ltd to examine a defective product, un-installing and transport costs are the responsibility of the purchaser;


10.Warranty does not apply for all extra costs resulting from any work needed to repair or replace the defective product (e.g. costs incurred to assemble/un-assemble the product or to transport the defective/repaired/new product as well as expenses for disposal, allowances, travelling and scaffolding). Said costs shall be charged to the purchaser. Moreover, all parts subject to wear and tear, such as batteries, mechanical parts subject to wear and tear, fans used for active heat dissipation in products with LED sources; as well as software defects, bugs or viruses are not covered by this warranty;


 11.Any costs arising from the un-installing of the defective products and the installation of replacements (new or repaired) will be borne by the purchaser;


12.Eurborn Co., LTD is not responsible for any material or immaterial damages suffered by the purchaser or by third parties which result from the ascertained defect, such as loss of use, loss of profits and loss of savings; the purchaser shall claim no further rights from Eurborn Co., LTD in relation to the defective product. In particular, the purchaser may not claim from Eurborn Co., LTD any expenses incurred in storing the defective/faulty product nor any other costs and/or compensation. Moreover the purchaser shall not request and/or claim any payment extensions, price reductions or the termination of the supply contract.


 13.After identification, the defects caused by the purchaser or third party, Eurborn Co. Ltd could help to repair if it’s repairable. And it will be charged 50% of the sales price as repairing fee. (transport and installation costs excluded); The products have been modified, tampered with or repaired by purchaser or third parties who have not received prior authorization from Eurborn Co. Ltd, Eurborn Co., Ltd has the right to reject to repair;


 14.Warranty repairs carried out by Eurborn Co. Ltd do not entail an extension to the warranty on the repaired products; however, the full warranty period applies to any replacement parts used in the repairs;


 15.Eurborn Co., Ltd does not accept any responsibility beyond this warranty excluding any other right provided by the law;

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