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Which lamps can be used outdoors? Where are they used? – Industrial lighting

Outdoor lighting design is an essential color and demeanor for every city, so outdoor lighting designers, for different spaces and city features can use which lamps and lanterns, and how to use?

Outdoor lighting is generally divided into industrial lighting, landscape lighting, road lighting, building lighting, stage lighting fixtures and so on, inspiration to create local characteristics and scenery, are generally equipped with design development and production of urban lighting engineering company to serve.

Outdoor lighting in the design process must be combined with the surrounding environment and road conditions, as well as some outdoor landscape and buildings to design and install construction, so as to help achieve urban and local characteristics of functionality and lighting art unity.


A. Industrial lighting

Industrial lighting includes outdoor lighting, plant lighting, barrier lighting, guard lighting, station and road lighting, etc. So what kind of lamps are used in these places and areas above?

Requirements: outdoor lighting requirements are relatively more stringent than indoor, because outdoor lighting not only to consider the climate and temperature differences and some birds and other natural factors outside there are special circumstances like some. The issue of quality assurance and the brightness requirements to meet the needs.

Application places: such as open-air working areas of shipbuilding, kilns, towers and tanks of oil sites, kilns, swing belts and other special areas of construction plants, blast furnace bodies of metallurgical work areas, outdoor metallurgical ladders and platform work areas, gas cabinets of power stations, step-down alternating power stations, lighting of distribution equipment areas, outdoor pumping stations and lighting of some shelf areas, as well as lighting of outdoor ventilation and dust removal equipment.

Lighting fixtures: road lighting fixtures, high-pole lighting fixtures, garden lighting fixtures, landscape lighting fixtures, LED lighting tree lights, lawn lighting fixtures, wall lighting fixtures, outdoor wall lights, buried lighting fixtures, LED spotlights (led spotlights), underwater lighting apparatus, etc.

How to choose: At present, oil fields and other open-air workplaces mostly use hernia lamps, tungsten halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps, explosion-proof lamps, etc., while the light source of outdoor substation distribution devices like the total step-down substation should be selected according to the requirements of the production process.

  1) Station lighting: The light sources used for station lighting are high-pressure sodium lamps, metal halide lamps, fluorescent high-pressure mercury lamps, low-pressure sodium lamps, fluorescent lamps, LED street lamps and other light sources.

  2) Guard lighting: Guard lighting is divided into many, normal lighting in the workplace, emergency lighting, etc., there are generally carbon lamps, halogen lamps, searchlights, fluorescent lamps, incandescent lamps, etc.

  3) Barrier lighting: Low and medium light intensity barrier marker light should be red glass shade, high light intensity barrier marker light should be white flash. Currently generally used for LED aviation obstacle lights is composed of multiple LED high-power white LED.

  4) Road lighting: The illuminators used for road lighting are high-pressure sodium lamps, low-pressure sodium lamps, induction lamps, metal halide lamps, fluorescent lamps, etc.


Post time: Mar-19-2023