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Why are wall lights so important to people’s lives?

Outdoor wall lights are generally installed in places such as balconies, stairs or corridors for decoration or lighting. Eurborn Lighting Company, which owns an outdoor lights factory, has advanced equipment and responsible employees, and always makes every lamp with care and strives to satisfy customers. More than 16 years experience let us have the ability to meet customers’ need.

(Ⅰ) Advantages Of Outdoor Wall Lights

1.Environmentally friendly and pollution-free

The environmental protection benefits are better, there are no ultraviolet and infrared rays in the spectrum, neither heat nor radiation, little glare, and the waste is recyclable, no pollution, mercury-free, cold light source, safe to touch, and is a typical green lighting source.

2. High-tech cutting-edge technology

Compared with the monotonous luminous effect of traditional light sources, wall light sources are low-voltage microelectronic products that successfully integrate computer technology, network communication technology, image processing technology, embedded control technology, etc., so they are also digital information products and semiconductor optoelectronics."High-tech and cutting-edge" technology, and has the characteristics of online programming, unlimited upgrades, and flexibility.


(Ⅱ) Outdoor Wall Light-ML110 Series

The material of this product is aluminum, and it can create stunning effects on walls in both residential and commercial environments. By using the provided wall plug, installation will be quick and easy. Using a spot lens keeps the light narrow and direct, sending light over long distances. The product line end has done a good hide treatment. The craftsmanship of the exquisite right-angled edges is very delicate and delicate. Customers can choose whether to emit light at one end or at both ends. The modern wall lighting can be installed in hotel walls, outdoor walls, stair railings, galleries and other places. IP rated to 65 allows it to be used as an indoor light as well as an outdoor light. It can not only play the role of environmental decoration, but also for path lighting.

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Post time: Jun-17-2022