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Why is light source testing important for outdoor lights?

(Ⅰ) Led light manufacturer conduct light source testing on luminaires

As a exterior architectural lights supplier,Eurborn Company needs to test and inspect the lights during the entire development and manufacturing process of the product. To do this, the technical team of the outdoor light factory needs to measure with instruments such as goniophotometers.

A goniophotometer is a photometer that measures the directional light distribution characteristics of a light source or luminaire. Photometry is the science of measuring the brightness of light received by the naked eye.Luminous intensity refers to the luminous flux emitted by the light source within the unit solid angle of the specified direction, and the unit of luminous intensity is candela.Luminous flux is the amount of light energy per unit that arrives, leaves, or passes through a surface, and is often used to measure the light energy emitted by a light source. A lumen is the luminous flux emitted by a candela of a point light source per unit solid angle (1 steradian), and the magnitude of the luminous flux depends on the light energy, not the eye.Luminance is the intensity of light per square meter in a specific direction. It is used to describe the properties of propagation over an area. The unit of brightness is candela per meter.

(Ⅱ) China Outdoor Underwater Light Manufacturer Has Universal Rubber Sheathed Flexible Cable Certificate

The rubber sheathed cable is a kind of soft and movable cable with multiple strands of thin copper wire as the conductor and covered with rubber insulation and rubber sheath. Rubber sheathed cables are widely used in various electrical equipment, and waterproof rubber sheathed cables are used to transmit electric energy on submersible motors with AC voltage of 500V and below. It has good electrical insulation performance under long-term water immersion and large water pressure. The waterproof rubber sheathed cable has good bending performance and can withstand frequent movement. Eurborn has its own outdoor light factory. Basically, every light will be equipped with a general-purpose rubber sheathed flexible cable, so as to make our products as perfect as possible.

Eurborn maintains its original intention and has always provided our customers with satisfactory and high-quality lights. We welcome your inquiries at any time.

Post time: Jul-26-2022