• Stair light with only 12mm thickness -GL108

    Stair light with only 12mm thickness -GL108

            With complete and scientific high-quality management procedures, excellent quality and excellent beliefs, we have won a good reputation. At the same time, Eurborn insists on continuous innovation, and introduces this light from Eurborn's current thinnest lamp - G...
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  • Fountain light – FL410/FL411

    Fountain light – FL410/FL411

    Since the beginning, Eurborn has been adhering to the values of "openness and fairness, sharing and gain, pursuit of excellence, creating value", adhere to the business philosophy of "integrity and efficiency, trade orientation, the best way, the best valve". We believe ...
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  • Eurborn Inground lights – Make your life better

    Eurborn Inground lights – Make your life better

    Eurborn has always followed the enterprise spirit of "Quality, Efficiency, Innovation, and Honesty". Eurborn has its own mold department and technology research and development department.   All molds are produced by itself, so it can save product design time and c...
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  • SPOT LIGHT – Family Group

    SPOT LIGHT – Family Group

    ML1021, PL021, PL023, and PL026 are another popular family series. From the article, you can see the appearance from small to large more intuitively. The power is from 1W to 6W for your choice. This product is directional, therefore it is very used to illuminate the focu...
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  • BL100-Your Yachting Lighting Choice

    BL100-Your Yachting Lighting Choice

    Combining advanced quality and equipment, careful management, reasonable price tags, excellent support and meticulous cooperation with clients, we have been researching to provide our clients with the best imitation products. It is ins...
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  • Let the greening and working environment merge

    Let the greening and working environment merge

        Eurborn has always been committed to environmental protection. In every corner on our office, various plants are placed. The meaningful part is that every plant was once abandoned and was later reclaimed by our manager to allow them to be reborn opportunity...
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  • Star products — GL116 in ground lighting

    Star products — GL116 in ground lighting

    Introducing our hot-selling Family-set lightings, GL116, GL116C, GL116H, GL116Q, GL116SQ. Level, and there are 1W, 1.3W, 3W, 3.5W power for you to choose. At the same time, in order to adapt to different use environments, it can be controlled by RGB or DM...
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  • Underground Light—GL112 Announcement

    Underground Light—GL112 Announcement

    Regarding underground / underwater light GL112, you are able to choose the power of 0.5W, 1W or 1.3W for the buried light GL112. The overall material of the product is made of marine grade stainless steel 316. Equipped with CREE lamp beads imported from the United States...
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  • Eurborn – Fire drill, take precautions

    Eurborn – Fire drill, take precautions

    While Eurborn focuses on the production of various lighting, including In-ground light, Wall light, Spike light, etc., Eurborn must never ignore employee’s safety. Therefore, in order to improve employees’ safety awareness, Eurborn organized a fire drill on April 20 for ...
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  • Renewable resources Eurborn care about

    Renewable resources Eurborn care about

    Eurborn has always attached great importance to the renewable resources of materials. We have always cherished the gift of nature to mankind. For our outdoor stainless steel in-ground lighting and LED lighting development, we have been committed to making our products mo...
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  • Laser logo for In-ground lighting

    In the past, the symbols on the products were marked with ink jet coding, but ink printing is not only easy to fade, but also relatively un-environmentally friendly. It also generates harmful gas...
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  • End of 2020— Eurborn tradition

    End of 2020— Eurborn tradition

    No matter how difficult 2020 is, Ober is still very grateful for the support of everyone on the team. The end of the year will be a successful end with the Chinese New Year. In order to maintain our old tradition, we continued the annual lucky draw. Congratulations to al...
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