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4 Kinds of Stair Lights

1. If it is not for the fun, the light pole is really tasteless

    To be honest, the staircase lamp is probably the same as the pathway lighting. It is the first lamp in the history to be used as a scene thinking design, because the stairs at night must have a lights, otherwise it is easy to fall, isn't it?

    This stone step was built between 1875 and 1889. There are four gas street lamps on the railings of the stone steps to illuminate the steps. This kind of beautiful street lamps are now extinct in other places in HongKong. It is said that gas street lights in other places in HongKong were gradually replaced by electric lights in the 5th and 1960s of the upper world. Only these four are still handled in the prosperous Central District of HongKong Island.


Photo: It can be ranked one of the most famous stairs in the world: the steps of Duddell Street in Central, HongKong. They have been the location of important scenes in movies and TV series countless times.

At the same time, there are a few more famous stair lights on the steps, the only stair lights still in use in HongKong - gas lights. The steps of Duddell Street at night, the steps under the lights fly with the popularity of the gas lights.

The question is, if it is not those antique gas lights that have been used for hundreds of years, but ordinary low-pole pathway lights, will these light poles still be so famous?

Stair handrails are actually used as auxiliary equipment for stairs and are widely used in our lives. The original handrails only play a decorative and protective function, and are actually completely separate from the lighting function.

2. The improvement of lighting design and lamps makes it feasible to remove the tasteless light pole.


An ordinary handrail is just a guardrail or a safe reliance to help people walk, and a slight modification is a light residence.

When the handrail becomes a light that sends out light and shines on the steps, the steps have a sense of space. With layers, the significance of introducing light elements becomes obvious. At this time, the handrail becomes a backlit silhouette. Although only ordinary fluorescent lights were used, as a result, I still had to praise the improvement of the environment by the charm of light and darkness formed by light.

The following introduces several main ways to solve step lighting. From the perspective of technical processing development, it can also be understood as the night evolution history of a staircase:

A. The side of the underground light

Advantages: good light and shadow effect;  

Disadvantages: low illumination, easy glare;  

Applicable places: people less and the need for darkness, such as coffee shops, western restaurants and private clubs, etc.  

Such as Eurborn’s In-ground lights GL116SQ, GL119, GL129 are suitable for these places.


B. Light bars are embedded under the stairs

Advantages: good landscape effect, strong visual impact;

Disadvantages: no light distribution, difficult to install;

Applicable places: tourism, entertainment places, etc.


C. Professional railing and guardrail lamps

Advantages: beautiful, safe, good light distribution;

Disadvantages: high cost, non-standard, need to be customized according to the size of the steel pipe.





D. Light belt under armrest

Advantages: simple, cheap.  

Disadvantages: not beautiful, unsafe, uneven road illumination;  

Applicable places: public areas with low requirements, etc.


In addition to widely used in stairs, railing lights can also be used as Garden lighting, Landscape lighting, Pedestrian overpass lighting and so on.  


       Provides so many scene application examples, from the earliest one by putting the fluorescent tubes into the armrests, to the hard light bars and soft light strips. In fact, the design of this scene-based lighting fixture has been tirelessly improving, so what characteristics should a good handrail guardrail light have?


1. Integrated design of guardrail and lights, perfect combination of lighting function and guardrail landscape;

2. Ultra-small light design, lamp hidden structure, easy to install;

3. Reasonable and efficient heat dissipation design to ensure the service life of the light;

4. Optimize the structural design and sealing materials, and the protection level is above IP65;

5. A variety of material options, both stainless steel and aluminum profiles can be used;

6. The surface can be treated with the natural color of the material or electrostatic spray or oxidation treatment to meet the needs of different colors and functions;

7. The PC material of the lampshade ensures light transmission, high temperature resistance, aging resistance, and no breakage;

8. A variety of light distribution combination designs can solve the road lighting with a width of 2 to 8 meters;

9. Solve the lighting function while avoiding glare;

10. Special places need color light effect, single color or colorful change;

11. Protection against electric shock: Class III;

12. Comply with GB national standard electrical specifications.

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